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Welcome to the Era for Guild Wiki ! The Era for Guild compendium by the players, for the players. We are currently maintaining 141 pages (5 articles). Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding existing ones.

What is Era for Guild?

Era for Guild is an online multiplayer game for mobile devices and browsers, which utilizes WebGL and 3d rendering. Explore the vast and persistent universe, and follow its expansion to the theoretically infinite edge of space. Explore thousands of solar systems, and search for resources across the many words you will discover. Be wary, however, as other conquerors and explorers are at your side, and can either be friend or foe. Create tremendous guilds or launch epic wars, and earn the coveted Trinity status!

Era for Guild is a 4X. What is a 4X game? It remains on 4 major actions which are exploit, explore, extend and exterminate.

What are the 4X in Era for Guild?

  • Exploit: Planets you own are full of resources you can exploit by building facilities on them. Those facilities are storage, extraction, research, attack, and defence.
  • Explore: Thanks to your ships, you can explore the entire universe of Era for Guild.
  • Extend: Conquer uninhabited planets to extend your empire.
  • Exterminate: Attack your foes and try to become the master of the universe.

Link to tutorial

Lien vers le tutoriel

Pre-alpha Trailer
Pacth 0.2 is out !


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